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Welcome to Prodaft's Security Advisories page. Here, we publish detailed reports on identified vulnerabilities, providing valuable information to help protect your systems and data. Our commitment to transparency and collaboration with the security community ensures that we can quickly and effectively address security flaws. This page is your resource for staying informed about potential risks and the steps being taken to mitigate them. By working together, we aim to enhance the security and integrity of the digital landscape for everyone.
Please visit our disclosure page to learn more about our disclosure policy and how to submit a vulnerability.
CVE-2023-0861NetModule Router Software Race Condition Leads to Remote Code Execution
CVE-2022-31137Roxy-WI Unauthenticated Remote Code Executions
CVE-2021-3825LiderAhenk Remote Code Execution
RESERVEDVesta Control Panel Second Order Remote Code Execution
RESERVEDSeagate Central Storage Remote Code Execution
CVE-2018-20323MailCleaner Community Edition Remote Code Execution
RESERVEDManageEngine Applications Manager Remote Code Execution and SQLi
RESERVED... to be updated later ...

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