BLINDSPOT Risk Intelligence Platform

The cyber risk assessment is not a straightforward task due to the lack of visibility over the threat actors’ activities. Most organizations do not have full visibility in their suppliers’ networks, leaving them dependent on outdated or impartial information that does not reflect the reality, setting the supply chain and vendor risks to rise. As an implication, organizations have a hard time telling the exact consequential scope of cyberattacks (both financially and reputation-wise), making it practically impossible to be fully prepared when such a compromise happens.
We at PRODAFT realized we can change that. Instead of focusing merely on risk value calculation that is based on public leaks, vulnerabilities, open ports or services, or any other insufficient vectors, we rely on intelligence-led insights right from adversarial sources.

Assessing the Cyber Risk Level of All Organizations Globally

cybersecurity risk assessment
BLINDSPOT has been created with the goal of providing the user with a holistic assessment of any organization’s cyber risk level. Made to monitor contemporary incidents, predict subsequent adversarial activities, and prevent software & physical supply-chain attacks and detrimental breaches across the globe.
As a first of its kind, BLINDSPOT can calculate the risk values of enterprises, governments, NGOs, educational institutions, vendors and suppliers, or their customers. The platform empowers the clients to monitor their and their suppliers’ exposure to cybercrime immediately and with a precise threat-actor coverage ratio.
cyber risk management platform
Every notorious adversary or other APT is instantly visible in the system, accurately calculating and adjusting the victims’ risk value. The available information precedes the action, unveiling potential risk value even before any attack took place.
All of the risk values are thoroughly explained, providing our clients with clear and concise data, not any generic information. By sharing valuable details on why, what and when we empower you with 3A intelligence – accurate, agile and actionable.

BLINDSPOTRisk Intelligence Platform’s Core Features

The main features of our platform allow you to understand how your organization’s respective needs can be met accordingly:
Global database with tailored portfolio
Identification of any blind spots and hidden connections
Real-time coverage and risk value explanation
digital risk management
digital risk protection
Prevention of detrimental physical and software attacks
Sector, industry or region-based risk assessment of businesses globally
Distribution of an early warning regarding future attacks

Integrated Cybersecurity Risk Management for a Wide Array of Stakeholders

With over millions of companies as well as billions of threat and asset detections, the user can set up their own organizational portfolio based on specific preferences such as regions, countries, or sectors. Our BLINDSPOT database provides a coherent overview of concurrent attacks and infections, automatically re-calculating the risk values of any respective companies.
Suitable for a wide array of stakeholders, BLINDSPOT presents a unique and credible solution:
For Risk Officers, Insurance Companies, or Investment Agencies (Supply Chain Managers):
By providing a holistic assessment of any company across the globe.
By bringing unobstructed supply chain visibility.
By presenting mitigation techniques and risk reduction suggestions.
By monitoring relevant connections and third-party vendor risks.
For IT Managers, Chief Technological Officers, and IT personnel:
By identifying blind spots and external liabilities that have not yet been discovered.
By gaining an advantage over ransomware attacks and operators when tracking precursor events and internal infections.
By checking the efficiency of an organization’s security product externally (without deploying any executables).
For Law Enforcement Agencies, CERTSs, and CSIRTs:
By obtaining complete visibility over the adversarial behavior.
By tracking and preventing incidents on a large scale.
By fighting against cybercrime on all fronts.
By equipping them with threat intelligence-driven incident response.

Risk Prediction

Thanks to our complete visibility into the threat actors’ activities, precursor events, private chat environments and toolkits, we can identify the victims of tomorrow. We are not dealing with the consequences of yesterday or today, but we give you the possibility of a timely response before the threat actors even get a chance to compromise your organization.
cyber risk management platform

BLINDSPOT provides holistic risk assessment to a wide array of stakeholders

Risk Managers
CERTS (on a national level)
Insurance Companies
Law Enforcement Agencies
IT Personnel
Investment Agencies

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