Effective Cybersecurity for Commercial Brand Protection

Brand Protection Teams have a crucial role in preventing brand impersonation attacks and safeguarding a brand’s intellectual property. These attacks are carried out to deceive employees, clients, partners, or any important brand affiliates whose targeting could result in serious harm to the organization’s reputation, revenue, or client’s trust. As those malicious operations tend to be extremely convincing, both end users and organizations have difficulties distinguishing between trustworthy and fabricated content.

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Due to our daily collaborations with the brand protection teams, we understand your objective to ensure your client’s intellectual property stays intact, just as the integrity of their brand. Phishing, spear-phishing, or the creation of fake social media accounts present just a fraction of the attack techniques that threat actors use to obtain sensitive information or engage in other fraudulent actions. Since the attacks take place on external domains, far beyond the organization’s traditional security perimeters, securing full coverage of the adversarial landscape becomes challenging. Conducting a thorough case investigation calls for top-quality detection mechanisms and tools.
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If your goal is to provide exceptional brand protection on all fronts and prevent any sort of brand abuse or violation of your client’s intellectual properties, we are here to help.
We at PRODAFT developed solutions that allow you proactively monitor, prevent, and mitigate any suspicious activity or potential compromise well in advance. We not only shed light on the complex infrastructures of the adversaries, but with our unmasking and attribution capabilities we ensure the existing threats won’t be able to compromise you again. Currently monitoring over 700 APTs, we have the intelligence that allows you to stay on top of your game and ensure top-notch security for any organization you protect.

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Cyber Threat Intelligence
Are you looking to enhance your current security solutions and offer next-generation intelligence that adequately meets the diverse requirements of your clients? Whether you’re considering options such as timely detection of phishing sites or fake social media takedown, we are ready to provide you with a holistic defense against any detrimental threats.
Risk Intelligence
Monitoring millions of vendors and businesses might take a lot of time, but not for us. We help you to understand the supply chain of each of your customers and mitigate any serious cyber risks before they escalate. BLINDSPOT gives you full visibility of cybercrime activities happening in real time, allowing you to keep track of all vendors, affiliates, and subsidiaries of your clients in one platform.

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