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As PRODAFT we use cookies, pixels, gifts, and other technologies (“Cookies”) to make it available for you to use it during your visits to our websites. Utilization of such technologies is carried out in a way that is according to legislation, in particular, to E-Privacy Directive (Directive 2002/58/EC).
The purpose of this Policy is to provide you with information regarding the processing of personal data that is collected through the use of cookies on our website (“Website”) by Website visitors (“Data Subject”). In this notice, we would like to explain to you what types of cookies we use, for what purposes we use such cookies, and how you can control such cookies. You can find our information below:
ProActiveCyber Technologies
Name : ProActiveCyber Technologies B.V.
Address : Wilhelmina Van Pruisenweg 104 2595AN Den Hague Netherlands.
E-mail :
As PRODAFT, we can cede using cookies, change types or functions of cookies or add new cookies to our website. Therefore, we reserve the right to make amendments to this Notice at any time. Up-to-date Notice shall be effective when such amendments are published on the website or any other public platform.
What is a Cookie and Why Do We Use It?
In General
Cookies are small text files that are stored on your browser, network server, or on your computer by the websites that you visit. As PRODAFT, we use cookies for various purposes and process your personal data through these cookies. These purposes are mainly:
To perform all necessary functions for the Website to operate. For instance, to enable visitors to not enter their passwords again while they visit different pages on the Website after they log in once.
To analyze the Website and to enhance its performance. For instance, to integrate different servers the Website is running on, to determine the number of people that visit the Website and accordingly fix the performance settings, or to make it easier for visitors to find what they are looking for.
To enhance the functionality of the Website and provide ease of use. For instance, to allow visitors to share content on third-party platforms through the Website, to save the visitors’ username or search history information on their next visit.
What Types of Cookies do We Use?
Different types of cookies we use on our website can be found below:
Provides you to enhance the website’s functionality by saving your preferences. These cookies store information regarding your former preferences (language, location, etc.). In simpler words, they remember you and allow us to offer a more personalized user experience.
WSS_FullScreenMode A Microsoft SharePoint cookie that enables communication, identifies user session and/or exchanges information with content manager of internal use of application.
Acgroupswithpersist& Acopendivids & maintab- home These cookies are used to ensure that some areas of the website are displayed properly such as links clicked by users and website elements. They do not collect personally identifiable information and they are deleted after the browser is closed.
These cookies can be used for targeted advertising or measuring the effectiveness of a campaign. This information is used in order to make our website and the ads on our website more relevant to your preferences. These cookies are used to remember the websites you visit, to determine the more effective channels, and to allow us to reward external websites or partners.
These cookies are used in order to remember users in a website and in this way changes on pages made by users will also be remembered. Session cookies are stored in the temporary storage. They will not be stored after the browser is closed and they do not collect data from users’ devices.
These cookies enable login information to be stored in the user’s browser after a successful login.
How to Disable Cookies?
Cookies are enabled in default settings of most browsers, but you may disable some or all of the cookies by using the settings in your browser. If you disable the cookies, you may not be able to access some of the features/pages or areas of our website. We may update our policy due to future changes in legislation and technology. Therefore, we suggest you to visit this page time by time to make sure you are acquainted with any change that happens.
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