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Corporate Cybersecurity Teams are an inseparable part of many large organizations’ core. They manage a wide variety of corporate cyber risks and need various tools to successfully address any cyber incident in question. Safeguarding organizational assets means meeting the highest confidentiality, integrity, and protection standards. With the ever-evolving cybercriminal endeavours, staying protected and well-informed about suspicious activities on all organizational fronts becomes increasingly difficult to address.

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Thanks to our ongoing cooperation with corporate cybersecurity teams, we understand that staying one step ahead of cybercriminals can be a rather daunting task. Facing imminent corporate risks such as compromised corporate machines, compromised user accounts, credentials, and leaked corporate data or third-party information can leave your organization vulnerable to further exploitation. As cybercriminals know how to carry out these activities in an inconspicuous manner, timely detection becomes a challenge. That is why you should enrich your corporate incident detection capabilities by integrating first-class detection mechanisms and tools.
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If your goal is to ensure your organization’s security stays intact and you want to fortify your existing security measures with verified and actionable intelligence, we are here to help.
We at PRODAFT developed actionable solutions that allow you to monitor any suspicious activity and detect any ongoing malicious campaign targeting you well in advance. We have already intercepted tens of thousands of ransomware incidents, state-sponsored threats, and high-end global cyberattack campaigns. We are currently monitoring over 700 APTs, and with our ability to attribute and unmask your adversaries, we can make sure you always receive verified and accurate intelligence that helps you stay well-protected.

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Cyber Threat Intelligence
If you would like to enhance your current security solutions and integrate next-generation intelligence into your systems, don’t look any further. The powerful combination of our main U.S.T.A. modules empowers you with detailed reports and actionable steps that keep you protected. Carefully distilled and thoroughly analayzed, our insights give you the tools to outsmart any future threats.
Risk Intelligence
Monitoring millions of vendors and businesses might take a lot of time, but not for us. We help you to understand the supply chain risks concerning your organization and mitigate any serious cyber threats before they escalate. BLINDSPOT equips you with full visibility of all concurrent cybercrime activities and operations, allowing you to keep track of every relevant intelligence that might affect your business.

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