Protecting Airborne Assets: Advanced Aviation Cybersecurity

The importance of the aviation industry on a global scale cannot be overlooked. Consisting of aircraft manufacturers, commercial and military aviation, air safety specialists and researchers, this vertical is becoming an increasingly compelling target for cybercrime groups. As a key contributor to global trade and economic growth, the aviation industry helps to keep all parts of the world well-connected, facilitating the flow of various types of capital. The disruption of this infrastructure can have devastating consequences.

Why is the Aviation Industry Appealing to Cybercriminals?

As we keep monitoring the tactics and techniques of cybercriminals targeting the aviation industry, we understand the weaknesses that attract their attention. Vulnerabilities that can be easily exploited, commercial software that does not require specific knowledge to attack it, and newly added system functionalities might open the door for financially or politically motivated cybercriminals and their arsenal of attack vectors.

Just add data breaches, ransomware and supply chain attacks, or insider risk, and you get a reasonably dangerous mixture. The consequences can range from financial loss or operational disruptions – all the way to national or international security risks.
aviation cybersecurity

Struggle of Combating Emerging Threats in
Aviation Industry

Combating these complex threats calls for an experienced approach. The sophistication of the threats you face in the aviation industry makes it hard to address them independently. As the industry relies on heavily intertwined infrastructures and software, they need to be protected on both individual and holistic levels.

Moreover, the safety of these systems is critical and requires diligent cybersecurity controls and assessment. Relying on basic cybersecurity measurements is simply not sufficient anymore. Instead, having advanced, first-class threat detection solutions allows you to tackle these challenges before it’s too late.

Learn How Our PRODAFT Solutions Can Help
Protect Your Organization

Our long-lasting expertise and understanding of the adversarial landscape make us well-equipped to elevate your cybersecurity stance. Each organization in the aviation sector has its individual needs, depending on what security measures you look for. We always make sure to provide you with solutions that can actively address your challenges in real time.

That is why we always adapt our approach to your unique objectives, giving you the right toolkit to stay one step ahead of cybercriminals. No extra workload on your shoulders, just expert-driven support that empowers you with intelligence-driven solutions.
Threat Intelligence
Whether you are worried about physical or system aircraft vulnerabilities that could be exploited, potential security breaches or want us to investigate suspicious activities in your system, we got you covered. You will receive a detailed report on the issue and the 24/7 support of our threat intelligence experts.

Using a combination of human intelligence and open-source information, alongside our advanced technology of the U.S T.A.'s Deep Web Sensors, we provide personalized analysis for any of your inquiries to ensure your safety and awareness.
Risk Intelligence
Get your hands on holistic risk intelligence that is critical to identifying and mitigating threats. By instantly understanding your risk profile (and vendors, third and fourth parties) you can stay on top of your vertical and counter your adversaries with ease.

By anticipating their impact, you have the power to reduce risks before any attacks occur. Empower yourself with a comprehensive risk assessment to stay well-prepared and take proactive steps to minimize potential damage before it affects your operations.

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