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With the recent boom of the FinTech sector, it does not come as a surprise that it quickly became an intriguing target for cybercriminals. FinTech deals with large volumes of valuable assets and financial data related to digital banking, mobile payments, blockchain technologies, and cryptocurrency solutions. Motivated by the vision of quick financial gain, cybercriminals use various sophisticated attack techniques to compromise organizations in this sector, making it challenging to keep up with the ever-evolving adversarial landscape. .

Why is FinTech Increasingly Attractive for Cybercriminals ?

The FinTech sector is relatively new and well-known for bringing in various novel technologies and solutions, making it easier for cybercriminals to exploit possible vulnerabilities in the system. Financial incentives, its data-rich environment, and its interconnectedness to various entities across the globe make it a lucrative target for threat actors. Due to FinTech’s reliance on cutting-edge technologies, artificial intelligence and blockchains, cybercriminals can easily gain access points to multiple parties at the same time. By disrupting their operations and working environments, those malicious activities can result in far-reaching financial and reputational consequences.
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Struggle of Combating Emerging Cybersecurity Threats in FinTech

Combating cyber threats requires an experienced and multifaceted approach. The sophistication of the threats present in FinTech makes it hard to address them independently. Resource constraints, the constant evolution of the used technologies, alongside many regulatory complexities and unfamiliarity with necessary cybersecurity requirements, can leave FinTech companies unprepared for their adversaries. Not knowing how to proactively identify and mitigate cyber threats can leave your FinTech business susceptible to new attack vectors and techniques.That is why as a financial service provider, you need to implement robust cybersecurity measures.

Learn How Our Solutions Can Help You Protect Your Organization

Our long-lasting expertise and deep understanding of the adversarial mindset equip us to elevate your cybersecurity stance. Each business in the FinTech sector has its individual needs. They depend on the services it provides and what security measures are required for them. That’s why we always ensure that our approach is adapted to your objectives, giving you the right toolkit to stay one step ahead of cybercriminals. There is no extra workload on your shoulders, just expert-driven support that empowers you with intelligence-driven solutions.
Threat Intelligence
Whether you are worried about data breaches, exploitable API vulnerabilities, ransomware threats, or you want us to investigate any suspicious activities, we get your back. You will receive a detailed report on the issue and the 24/7 support of our threat intelligence experts.
Risk Intelligence
Get your hands on holistic risk intelligence that is critical to identifying and mitigating threats. By instantly understanding your risk profile and supply chain vulnerabilities – and those of your partners - you stay on top of your game and counter adversaries & threats in advance.

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