Public and Government Sector Cyber Security Solutions

Public authorities are an integral part of every society. These formally established organizations that are publicly funded to perform public, administrative, and governmental functions and services under the given law deal with enormous amounts of confidential and sensitive data. Government agencies, regulatory bodies, or law enforcement agencies focus on formulating policies, regulating resources, and providing essential services while keeping the citizens secure. Precisely due to these key activities, they can easily become a thorn in cybercriminals’ side.

Why are Cybercriminals Targeting Public Authorities?

The importance of the public authorities is pinpointed by their role in maintaining stability, social justice, democratic principles, and facilitating economic growth. As they provide a framework for governance and social progress, they are becoming susceptible to malicious endeavors by threat actors that aim to halt these processes.

State-sponsored actors, criminal syndicates, or cyberterrorist groups conducting cyber espionage to gather intelligence all aim to compromise public and administrative bodies for various reasons. Ensuring that public authorities and other governmental bodies are well-protected against evolving next-generation cyber threats is essential to maintaining the integrity of institutions and social values.
public sector cyber security

Struggle of Combating Emerging Threats in Public Authorities

The sophisticated capabilities of cybercrime operators can rarely be tackled by the public bodies alone. However, the dire need of cybersecurity solutions for governments and public bodies cannot be neglected. The evolving landscape of cybersecurity risks posed by threat actors requires constant vigilance and powerful cybersecurity measurements.

Cybercriminals gaining access to sensitive governmental information could result in a compromise to national security, actions like manipulating elections and publicly available data, or igniting civil unrest. The disruption of public services or data breaches can lead to the erosion of public trust, leaving public authorities struggling with issues far beyond reputational loss. Adapting cyber intelligence solutions into governmental operations therefore becomes a necessity.

Strengthen Your Defense Against Cyber Threats

The complexity of threats targeting public authorities and governmental bodies demands a comprehensive and skilled approach. We at PRODAFT know how to combine threat intelligence, advanced detection and response, managed security services, and around-the-clock consultation to completely defend against cyber threats.

We're able to alert public institutions of potential threats, including details such as which personnel's devices have been targeted or what kind of data has been compromised.

Our security solutions are always tailored to each institution’s needs after considering all relevant factors, including risk management, confidentiality, and scalability.
Threat Intelligence
Concerned about cyber threats targeting your institution? Count on us to provide you with comprehensive insights. Our Threat Intelligence platform delivers in-depth reports, shedding light on the origins, impact, and severity of identified threats.

By integrating tactical, security, fraud, and brand protection intelligence, we empower you with a proactive edge in detecting and mitigating next-generation cyber threats. With us at PRODAFT, you're not just informed – you're fully equipped to stand against evolving adversities.
Risk Intelligence
Essential for identifying and mitigating threats faced by public authorities globally, our risk intelligence service offers insights into your risk profile, as well as those of relevant third parties that could put you at risk.

Gain instant visibility into notorious threat actors and their potential targets. By anticipating, not reacting once it’s too late, you have the power to reduce risks before any attacks occur, equipping you to take proactive steps towards safeguarding your key operations.

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