Protecting Your Digital Storefront: Advanced E-commerce Cyber Security

The e-commerce industry has been booming for the last decade due to its convenience, omnipresent accessibility, and huge array of product offerings. E-commerce providers enable customers to purchase goods and services online, following just a few clicks and payment getaways. Browsing, online shopping, price comparison and a multitude of goods available at the user’s fingerprint were never easier to access. Unfortunately, this reality draws the attention of various threat actors as well. By compromising and exploiting the information shared in the e-commerce realm, cybercriminals see the opportunities for quick financial gains.

Why Are Cybercriminals Targeting E-commerce Providers?

Nowadays, the e-commerce business has a steady role in society as it grows the market reach, and allows businesses to expand beyond geographical barriers, obtaining a global customer base. Online stores can be established relatively fast and easily, and new customers are targeted through multiple social media advertisements and offers.
This accessibility is highly appealing to threat actors who are drawn to the large volume of online transactions and sensitive personal information involved in these processes. Stealing customer data, launching phishing and DDoS attacks, and e-skimming or payment card fraud are common techniques used when targeting e-commerce businesses. Simple protection measures are not enough to keep up with these malicious efforts.
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Navigating Emerging Threats in the E-commerce Landscape

Given the overwhelming landscape of cyber threats targeting the e-commerce industry and its providers, there’s a growing need for strong cybersecurity measurements. The complex and interconnected nature of e-commerce involves multiple third and fourth-party vendors, suppliers, and logistics partners, therefore offering more entry points for cybercriminals to exploit.
Hacking tools targeting e-commerce platforms, injection of malicious code in their payment pages, counterfeit e-commerce websites, or customer identity theft are all persistent cyber threats that e-commerce platforms face. To avoid financial loss or brand damage as an e-commerce provider, you might consider incorporating powerful cybersecurity solutions into your systems.

Strengthen Healthcare Cyber Defenses

The complexity of threats in the defense sector demands a comprehensive approach beyond isolated actions. We at PRODAFT combine threat intelligence, advanced detection & response, managed security services, and consultation to completely defend against cyber threats.

Over the past two years, our threat intelligence platforms detected thousands of compromised credentials related to high-end defense companies. We're able to alert companies of potential threats, including details such as which personnel's machines have been compromised and the types of malware used. Our security solutions are tailored to each organization's needs, considering all relevant factors, including risk management, compliance, and security operations.
Threat Intelligence
Concerned about cyber threats targeting your e-commerce business? Count on us to provide you with comprehensive insights. Our threat intelligence platform delivers in-depth reports, shedding light on the origins, impact, and severity of identified threats.

By integrating tactical, security, fraud, and brand protection intelligence, we empower you with a proactive edge in detecting and mitigating next-generation cyber threats. With us at PRODAFT, you don’t just receive raw data – you get actionable, intelligence-led insights that fully protect you against your adversaries on all fronts.
Risk Intelligence
Essential for identifying and mitigating cyber threats compromising e-commerce providers, our risk intelligence service offers insights into your risk profile, as well as those of relevant third and fourth parties or other links in your supply chain that could put you at risk.

Gain instant visibility into notorious threat actors and their potential targets - by anticipating, not reacting when it’s too late. You have the power to reduce risks before any attacks occur and equip your organization with proactive steps towards safeguarding your and your customer's data.

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