We at PRODAFT believe in the power of partnering up, that is why we have a two-fold approach to setting up new partnerships. Firstly, we offer various exclusive and non-exclusive partnership options for IT integrators around the globe. Secondly, in addition to these commercial partnerships, we also routinely establish supporting, non-profit collaborations or voluntary associations with other public or private entities. Our purpose for that is straightforward: sharing relevant intelligence makes all the difference.

Join Our Partner Program for SOCs, IT Integrators and Cybersecurity Companies

Whether you are a part of Security Operational Centres (SOCs), IT integrations or a fellow cybersecurity company, you can partner up with us and benefit from our high-end cyber threat intelligence products, solutions and services.
We understand the added value of working together towards a common goal. That is why we work not only directly with our clients but we also operate by means of our partners, such as resellers, distributors and integrators. Our commercial partnerships are established globally as there are no limits to the variety of stakeholders that find our solutions beneficial for their organizations. By working together, we enrich our partners’ existing systems with our threat and risk intelligence solutions and integrated security services, thus elevating their clients’ cyber resilience.
Are you interested in becoming our partner? Then simply fill out our partnership contact form below and briefly introduce your company. We will then get back to you as soon as possible to discuss the most suitable options for our cooperation in your respective region and vertical.

Join Our Non-profit, Supporting Partnerships & Collaborations

Considering the amount of data that fluctuates in cyberspace, sharing intelligence among various organizations is the first step towards more secure world. Currently monitoring over 700 APTs daily, we process large sums of data that are relevant not only for our clients but also for other organizations that might have their sensitive data compromised by the threat actors. That is why we believe in establishing voluntary, non-commercial, supporting partnerships and communication channels with public organizations or law enforcement agencies.
Being able to support the intelligence flow that can detect, mitigate, or eradicate threats is one of our main priorities. Is there a way how we can support you and your organization? Please let us know by filling the form below.



Supporting Partners


Managed Security Service Providers

Around-the-clock Service for Over a Decade
Continuous top-class service and tailored approach is essential for every Managed Service Provider. Our solutions empower MSSPs to provide first-class service and identify all risks related to their customers.
Continuous Investigation & Education
Our solutions transfer a massive know-how to MSSPs by providing accurate and verified intelligence reports. With zero false positives over a decade, your customers are enabled to focus only on relevant intelligence-led data.
Seamless Tailored Integrations
With out support and long-lasting development experience, we ensure that the integrations are easy and seamless. MSSPs can utilise our solutions in their own workflow without any added workload or extra hassle.

Cyber Intelligence Network

Bringing together the cybersecurity capabilities of TI providers for a cyber-resilient future.
Cyber attacks are becoming more complex, and information sharing is crucial to prevent major incidents. Unfortunately, many companies are averse to collaborating for fear of losing their know-how or competitive advantage. We strongly believe that sharing knowledge and experience with the rest of the TI community is a must to fight against cybercrime. This is the main reason we created CIN initiative.
CIN partner network enables TI companies to share their insights with their peers for fact-checking and feedback. We regularly share TTPs of cybercriminals to support research and keep one step ahead of the bad guys. Sharing through CIN network also eliminates misinformation and narrative difference based on limited knowledge about large-scale threat groups. TI companies can apply to join our CIN network. Due to the sensitivity of shared content within the network, we evaluate each application submitted to us thoroughly.

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