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Security Operation Centers play an essential role in the cybersecurity realm. As a centralized team of experts that actively monitors, detects, investigates and therefore prevents or responds to cyber incidents in real time, they need to be equipped with the most efficient solutions to carry out all of these tasks as efficiently as possible. Since one of the key responsibilities of the SOCs is reducing the organization’s attack surface, they use threat intelligence to identify the latest threats and other APT groups.

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As a SOC provider, we know your tasks: proactive monitoring and analysis of potential threats, identification of the primary cyberattack causes and figuring out the why, when, and how, or you need to review the IOCs so your customers can learn how to respond appropriately and avoid similar attacks in the future. These are not simple and straightforward tasks to complete, we know. Oftentimes, the process can be hindered by adversaries’ abilities to carry out increasingly sophisticated attacks that are harder to detect, not to mention the perplexing networks of affiliates and ever-changing attack vectors that are difficult to keep up with.
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If your goal is to integrate next-generation threat and risk intelligence solutions for your clients from various verticals despite those cyber threat pitfalls, we are here to help.
We at PRODAFT developed solutions that allow you proactively monitor any suspicious activity and detect threats in advance. We not only shed light on the complex infrastructures of your adversaries, but we also know how to attribute and unmask these threat actor activities that help you understand who is on the other side of the digital wall. Currently monitoring over 700 APTs, we have the intelligence that allows you to stay on top of your game and ensure top-notch security for your customers.

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Cyber Threat Intelligence
Are you looking to enhance your current security solutions and offer next-generation intelligence that adequately meets the diverse requirements of your clients? Whether you’re considering options such as API integration or developing a comprehensive service model that fits your client’s needs, we are ready to help you get complete coverage of the adversarial environment.
Risk Intelligence
Monitoring millions of vendors and businesses might take a lot of time, but not for us. We help you to understand the supply chain of each of your customers and mitigate any serious cyber risks before they escalate. BLINDSPOT gives you full visibility of cybercrime activities happening in real time, providing you with the opportunity to keep track of all vendors, affiliates, and subsidiaries of your clients in one platform.

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