Every day we intercept thousands of cyber threats & prevent next-generation attacks

We provide you intelligence
right from the source.
We filter out the noise and provide
actionable & timely insights.
We empower your organization with a
proactive stance against future threats.

Protect your assets with our 24/7 Cyber Threat and Risk Intelligence Platforms

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We detect and mitigate any cybersecurity threat or malicious activity before they can compromise you.
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We have been a trusted partner for hundreds of private and public organizations from all verticals.
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Tailored Approach
Tailored Approach
We recognize your unique objectives & adapt our solutions accordingly.
9.8 billion
Raw Data Acquired from U.S.T.A. Sensors

Our Cyber Threat
Intelligence Solutions
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Our Products

Our cyber threat intelligence platform U.S.T.A. provides intelligence-led insights from adversarial sources. Thanks to our curated data collection tools and detection mechanisms, we keep our watch on all layers of the digital landscape. The combination of U.S.T.A.’s main modules allows our clients to get a proactive upper hand in detecting and mitigating next-generation cyber threats.
Our risk intelligence platform BLINDSPOT provides the user with a holistic assessment of any organization’s cyber risk level. BLINDSPOT is made to monitor contemporary incidents and prevent software & physical supply-chain attacks and detrimental breaches across the globe. By empowering the clients to monitor their and the suppliers’ exposure to cybercrime, we make sure there are no blind spots left.

PRODAFT offers tailored and proactive approaches against constantly evolving cyber attack techniques

Our Vision
Our vision is embedded in our name where PRODAFT stands for Proactive Defense Against Future Threats. With our mission to protect citizens, businesses and governments from major security threats by providing timely and accurate information, we elevate your security and help you mitigate threats well in advance.
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